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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by EatTheSky, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. EatTheSky

    EatTheSky New Member

    1: EatTheSky
    2: Death threats in messages/slander.
    3:I don't know
    4:1 week
    5: Friday, December 28th 2018
    6:I don't know for sure but i think JoeDon because he is the one that gave me the warning.
    7:I think that i should be unbanned because i got a warning from Joe and i stopped sending the messages. I sent those messages because i was mad and didn't mean them, even though it looked like i did. I am sorry for what i did but still do not understand why i got banned when i had a warning and stopped. I got off for a bit then tried to join back after cooling off. And i found out that i was banned. If I do not get unbanned can a staff member please message me the exact reason i was banned.
    8: I think this false ban was caused by seeing something happen in the wrong prospective.
  2. Joedon

    Joedon Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Owner

    I gave you a warning after these messages:

    To which you then relogged and said this (just the first message):

    I agree the slander wasn't worthy of the ban, I just added it into the ban message.

    You should have received a tempban after sending the message, but instead I gave you a warning. Due to the confusion, I'll be unbanning you.
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