Approved Ban Appeal For Mooltiplex/Diep55

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Diep55, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. Diep55

    Diep55 New Member

    1.) IGN:Mooltiplex/Diep55

    Reason Of (False) Ban:Myze sain that we are allowed to say big server names like hypixel etc...

    Post/Video/Link That Got You Banned URL (Only if Known):

    Length of Ban:2 Weeks

    Date of Ban:12/01/19 (DD/MM/YY)

    Staff Member Who Banned You (Only if Known):MYZE!

    7.) Why You Should Be Unbanned (Be Detailed):I said "play skycade net" and thats a big server so i dont see whats wrong

    8.) What Do YOU Think Caused This False Ban? (Required):Myze thought that the mentioned server is a small one which isnt

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  2. Diep55

    Diep55 New Member

    PS.Everytime I think about joining i die on the inside a bit
  3. Myze

    Myze Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I said we can say big server names, not IP addresses. Saying IP addresses or website names of servers has always been banned, no matter how big the server. Denied by me.
  4. Joedon

    Joedon Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Owner

    Ruling in favor of Myze. IPs have always been a mute/ban, and SkyCade isn't one of the big servers that everyone knows if they've ever played the game.
  5. Myze

    Myze Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Lightening your ban to an unban and a mute of 2 weeks.
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