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    Hello! I am pleased that you are here to apply for Builder rank on Emerald Prison! Please make sure to include as much detail as possible to your responses to the template! Make sure to respond truthfully to all the questions. If we check and see you are lying, you will be forum banned and revoked from any other applications after that ban expires. You do not need to be a donator in the server to apply - all applications will be looked at equally. Other users will not be able to see your application. We hope to see you on our staff team soon!

    1.) When did you start playing Emerald Prison:

    2.) What days of the week do you play:

    3.) How long can you play on those days:

    4.) Have you been punished before (If so, please tell for what)

    5.) Why do you want Builder rank:

    6.) What experience(s) do you have with building/design outside of Minecraft?

    7.) Do you tend to use proper grammar/punctuation:

    8.) Portfolio (or anything you've built before) (required - minimum 3 builds):

    9.) On a scale of 1-10, personally rate your overall building skill:

    10.) Why should we choose you over another equally talented Builder?

    11.) IGN:

    12.) Age:

    13.) Additional comments (optional):

    Make sure to make your post in the sub-forum of "Builder Applications"! Do NOT post in the same forum as this template! This is where it is located:

    First click the sub-forum:

    Then click "Post New Thread" INSIDE that sub-forum (you will not be able to see other's applications):

    Good luck to all applying!
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