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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Destroke100, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Destroke100

    Destroke100 New Member

    First of all. Thank god the server is back. It's been such a long time waiting.

    Well, i love the new crates you guys have added, but i think the Plugin "Monthly Crates" like on cosmicpvp would be fun to see.

    My idea is that it shouldn't be on Buycraft, but in very rare crates. Like "Dark Crate". The chance should be very low but still obtainable.

    See you 8th December :)
    - Destroke100
  2. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

    What do you mean by monthly crate is it a type of key itself and if so what do you think should be in it?
  3. iallergic

    iallergic Liked Member

    He’s suggesting that a, basically, a loot chest can be gotten out of a Demmy crate or something rare, and it’s has a randomized chance to get a certain number of a certain list of probably cosmetic items. I’m pretty sure that is what you mean about the crates on the other server but correct me if I am wrong
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  4. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

    So I had actually typed out another paragraph or so going into more detail about my question it seems my phone decided It didn't want to upload that.
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  5. iallergic

    iallergic Liked Member


    I don't think this is an awful way to implement a bunch of cosmetic items
  6. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

    Neither I just wondered more about it, more detail would be nice.
  7. Destroke100

    Destroke100 New Member

    I made myself a Test Server. If you want to see the plugin with Config just reply to this :) Glad you like the idea :D
  8. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

    I might check it out but I feel Joe would like a custom plugin insted of a downloaded one so that it can fit in and work with his creates plugin, can you dm me with the ip!
  9. BaconArmyForEver

    BaconArmyForEver Member Build Contest Winner

    Not sure how well it would fit in with the whole theme, but definitely positive about it! Good idea.
  10. detectivehenry

    detectivehenry New Member

    Yeah, but with a few items that could be actually helpful instead of cosmetic
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