Update Dark Emerald Crate Rework & 50% Christmas Sale

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  1. Joedon

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    Hey everyone!

    Today, I'm excited to announce to you all that the Dark Emerald Crate has been given a rework! The crate now has twenty-seven different rewards, and can be previewed at /warp crates!

    We did this rework to hopefully cut down on confusion from players when opening Dark Emerald Crates. The crate should no longer grant duplicates of rewards already possessed by the player (not including money, items, or anything that can be obtained more than once), and there are fewer combos of rewards to be won to make sure every opening feels rewarding to you all. For ease of understanding, the top row when you preview the Dark Emerald Crate by left-clicking it are all items that can be won only once if you haven't already obtained them.

    There are also some new things in the new Dark Emerald Crate, including the crate-exclusive EmeraldV3 Pick and EmeraldV2 PvP Set. The crate also has a new and dramatic opening animation.

    Here is a full list of information on the new Dark Emerald Crate at the time of release, taken from our Shop:
    This key can be used at /warp crates to unlock one of twenty-seven different rewards! Make sure you have an open inventory before purchasing!

    All Possible Rewards:


    - Caveman Rank

    - Miner Rank

    - Criminal Rank


    - Autosell Permission

    - Repair Permission

    - Fly Permission

    - Kit OPTools Permission

    - 10x PV Permission

    - 10x Plot Permission


    - EmeraldV2 Pick

    - EmeraldV2 PvP Set [crate exclusive]

    - EmeraldV2 Bundle [crate exclusive]

    - EmeraldV3 Pickaxe [crate exclusive]

    Selling Multipliers:

    - 2x Selling Multi (Personal) [1 Hour]

    - 3x Selling Multi (Personal) [30 Minutes] [crate exclusive]

    - 4x Selling Multi (Personal) [10 Minutes] [crate exclusive]


    - Mineparty

    - Mineparty | 4x Selling Multi (Global) [1 Minute] [crate exclusive]

    Money & Tokens:

    - 100 Billion | 1000 Tokens

    - 250 Billion | 2000 Tokens

    - 500 Billion | 3000 Tokens

    - 750 Billion | 4000 Tokens

    - 1 Trillion | 5000 Tokens

    - 2.5 Trillion | 7500 Tokens

    - 5 Trillion | 10000 Tokens

    More Keys:

    - 1x Kit Keys

    - 1x Dark Emerald Key, 4x Emerald Key, 8x Diamond Key

    Reward Information:


    - All the permissions as the purchased rank

    - No on-purchase bonuses

    - Comes with an unbolded suffix


    Fly Permission: Flying is disabled in spawn


    EmeraldV2 Pick:

    Diamond Pickaxe with:


    EmeraldV2PvP Set:


    Diamond Sword:




    All Armor Pieces:


    EmeraldV2 Bundle:

    - EmeraldV2 Pick

    - EmeraldV2PvP Set

    EmeraldV3 Pickaxe:

    Diamond Pickaxe with:


    Selling Multipliers:

    - Selling multipliers don't stack, and you will not be refunded if you win multiple of these in a row.


    - Public MineParties at /warp MP

    More Keys:

    Kit Keys:

    - 64x Coal Keys

    - 32x Iron Keys

    - 24x Gold Keys

    - 12x Diamond Keys

    - 6x Emerald Keys

    - 1x Dark Emerald Key

    This is not access to Kit Keys, it is a one-time granting of Kit Keys

    If you already have a reward in this list, you will not be able to receive it again. If this happens in error, however, please contact a staff member in-game, or make a post in our Discord in the #dark-emerald-key-issues text channel.

    Please remember these rewards are based on percentages, and you might not receive the item you are hoping for. You may not chargeback if you do not get the reward you were hoping for.

    If you win a suffix that overrides your current rank's suffix, please head over to you rank's mine and right click the Suffix Sign. This sign will give you back your correct suffix and your permissions will remain the same. If this sign isn't working/doesn't exist, notify a staff member or make a post in our Discord channel in the #dark-emerald-key-issues channel.

    To go along with the new crate, everything in our Shop is also 50% Off for Christmas! Hopefully, this means that a lot more of you guys can try out the new crate, and get whatever you've been eyeballing on the shop since our relaunch!

    We hope you all like the changes! If there are any issues that you guys notice, please contact notify a staff in-game, or contact @Staff on our Discord.​
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  2. Joedon

    Joedon Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Owner

    Update: Fixed MineParty with 4x multiplier reward. The multiplier is also now 1 minute long, from 30 seconds.
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