Info Emerald Prison is Reopening! - December 8th @ 3:00 PM EST

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    If you were directed here via an email saying the rerelease date is in October, that is incorrect. The official rerelease date is December 8th @ 3:00 PM EST!

    Hey everyone!

    I'm extremely excited to announce to you all that Emerald Prison will be reopening this December! A few months ago, we decided that it was time to reopen the server and start off fresh again. We then thought of some ideas to make the server better, and started to get to work!

    Have a look at our new trailer, and then scroll down for more details!

    As you can see from the video, we have a new spawn! We have added a new gambling game, called Reveal, and added Block Competitions! These are the three main new features to the server being released on the 8th, but there are also a few other changes. Here's a list of every notable change:

    New Additions
    - New spawn!
    - New website! (
    - Added Block Competitions
    - Redesigned Block Rewards system
    - Added Reveal gambling game
    - /warps and /kits are now all displayed in an easy-to-use GUI
    - Key Rebranding
    - Slot Machines have been buffed (10x jackpot size)
    - New, simpler KoTH arena design
    - New mines, including redesigned Dark Emerald warp!

    Scroll down for the release date

    New Spawn
    - About a year ago, we purchased a new spawn for the server from ArgoStudios. We never got around to releasing it, but for this re-release, it will be live for you all to play on! This spawn contains the A-Mine, Warp crates, Warp KoTH, Warp Mineparty, Warp Tokens, Warp Gamble, and Warp Staff!
    Spawn Overview:


    New KoTH:


    Rebranded Crates:


    New Dark Emerald Mine (by Honodonkey):


    New Website
    - You could have visited this website a few months ago at, but now it is available as the default website for Emerald Prison! Here you can find our IP, Forums, Store, Discord, and our trailer!

    Reveal Game
    - Reveal is our newest gambling game addition!
    You start by choosing a gamemode from the menu below:


    For example, the emerald ore is the "All-In" game mode, where you can wager all of your money for a potential 500% gain! The lore for this game mode is shown below:


    Once selected, if you have enough money, the game opens. You can then select the specified amount of slots to try and guess where the winning item is.


    If you guess the correct slot, you receive whatever the wager was!


    Block Competitions
    - This one was a last minute addition and caused us to delay the re-release a little bit! Block Competitions are just how they sound, mine the most blocks in the specified amount of time, and get rewarded. Along with that basic type of competition (for which we have Daily, Weekly, and Monthly competitions), we have created a new gamemode, Speed! In this shortened competition, the player in the lead with the most blocks mined for the most amount of time wins! This means that even if you don't have the most blocks mined at the end of a competition, you can still win based on your lead time. The menu looks like this:
    The ore blocks are enchanted if you have a reward available for winning that specific competition, and the blocks are the competitions, which when clicked open the leaderboards pertaining to each one. The beacon block opens the Block Rewards menu, described below.

    Block Rewards
    - The classic Block Rewards system of Emerald Prison has been changed a slight bit! Now, when you type /blocks, you will see a GUI with the Block Competitions system, along with an item to view your Block Rewards stats! Clicking on this item will bring you to a page where you can view rewards you have unlocked.

    An iron block indicates you have that reward unlocked, while a glass block shows you don't have it yet. This also means you can now have multiple rewards, so if you've mined from 1-100,000 blocks 3 times, you'll have 3x '100,000 Blocks Mined' rewards unlocked!

    A locked reward tells you the following,


    while an unlocked tells you this:


    GUI Additions
    - We have moved the list of all warps and kits into an easy-to-use GUI!

    Release Date
    On December 8th, 2018 @ 3:00 PM EST (Noon PST, 1:00 PM MST, 2:00 PM CST), we will be opening to the public! Starting an hour before the opening, the owner (me, Joedon), will be live streaming and answering any questions you have about the rerelease on his YouTube channel (Joedon)!

    Relaunch Sale [Updated]
    When the server opens, there will be a 25% off Relaunch Sale on all items on our store!​

    We hope you guys have a blast on the server when it is released, and can't wait to see you all on the 8th! Please feel free to ask any questions by replying to this thread!
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  3. ZomoboGaming_YT

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    ill come on every now and then but its rare i will
  4. mcd_michael

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    So happy about this me and Ronster have been waiting for this for so long can't wait to play everyday again, you never know how much you really love something till it is gone ❤
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  5. iallergic

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    This is awesome, can't wait to get back to the grind
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  6. lRoDrG11

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    Will we still have our bought ranks? I had dark emerald.
  7. lRoDrG11

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    I still have proof of purchase, I bought it when it was 50% off last year and I bought it on August 30th.
  8. Joedon

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    Yes - anything purchased off Buycraft will be kept in the rerelease.
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  9. iallergic

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    Due to the release being after black friday and cyber monday, will we be having these sales at all?
  10. iallergic

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    Also a small additional idea, Whenever a new multi is added, and there is already one active, make the length stack, but not the multi its self.

    So lets say that there has been a 2x multi that has 5 mins left. Then someone buys a 2x for 1 hour. It should be 1 hour and 5 mins in length. Instead of it reseting to 15 mins
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  11. Joedon

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    I like this idea, but unfortunately due to the plugin we are using for multipliers that will not be possible.
  12. BaconArmyForEver

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    That seems pretty nice!
  13. MrraywTiger

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  14. Ronster1703

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    I still find your reaction to the server reopening pretty funny. A full on celebration. Also, really looking forward to returning, I’ll see you all in prison.
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  15. mcd_michael

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    You know it I'll bring in some vodka and at lunch we can have a party haha
  16. Yeeeet

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    I cannot wait to get onto the server, once it's opened.
    It's been such a long time since I've seen anyone from EmeraldPrison and I honestly can't wait to talk to you all again!
    Ex-Manager~ <3
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