Favorite Emerald Prison Moment?

Discussion in 'Archived Posts' started by Kevin, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Emerald Prison has been around for a long time.
    A lot of us have been around since the start or dang close to it.

    In all these years, on Emerald Prison what has been your most memorable moment?
    This can be good or bad. If it is a bad moment involving someone, try to avoid using that person's name directly as punishments were likely already dished out months/years ago.

    I'd love to hear what you all have!

    My most memorable moments were when SMT use to come on and I would troll him all of the time. He'd have some epic rages, but at the end of the day he was really cool about it all.
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  2. iallergic

    iallergic Liked Member

    Oh jeez, so one of my favorite moments was last year on my birthday, when Pete and I went to capture a simple KOTH, but ended up being jumped by a group of 5 people. I managed to get out alive, but we laugh about it now.

    Another would have to have been when I won fly on the old server, which was a very happy moment, since it was my first demmy I won myself.

    Also Kevin, I miss SMT too

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  3. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

    My most memorable moment was when me, Myze and Tiger we're on my plot messing around and Myze started smiting us, accidentally killing Tiger and making her lose 100 and somthing exp, then having to sit there for the next ten minutes throwing xp bottles at her to get it back.

    Another would be the day i joined the huge shared plot with Aspen, Tiger, Hobo and Huskey and Huskey rage quit becuase Tiger and Aspen filled his house with dirt, had me dying .

    I really miss playing Minecraft and Emerald, I would love to come back but I keep changing my mind maybe if someone could convince me to play something other than siege I would xD, miss you all and I hope the server keeps growing <3.

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  4. ZomoboGaming_YT

    ZomoboGaming_YT Liked Member

    i remember when we had gangs that was awesome
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  5. Dr_DiStOrTiOn

    Dr_DiStOrTiOn New Member

    My favourite moment was when I found a pig called purple dargoon at the slots section (which wasn't meant to be there) that myze made and kept talking about, and so when myze went, I spent 10 mins using carrots to drag the pig to the /warp food area to kill it!

    And a couple of weeks later when myze was making another dargoon I told her about the old pig and she got annoyed and started smite-ing me...

    Another good moment was in the Halloween when I was looking for all the buttons and I found one under the mine which for some reason gave me 3 Dark emerald keys, and everyone in chat got so frustrated and was spamming me asking for 1, it got me a rank, emmy v2 pick and /fix so im happy.
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  6. ZomoboGaming_YT

    ZomoboGaming_YT Liked Member

    i also remember pvpmine it was really awesome
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  7. ddwills100

    ddwills100 Well-Known Member

    My favourite moments were when there were multipliers at-least once a day, now you get them about once a week. Also I liked getting emmys from dailybonus
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  8. ZomoboGaming_YT

    ZomoboGaming_YT Liked Member

    daily bounus was great
    the rewards were awesome but now its forever gone *cries on inside*
  9. BaconArmyForEver

    BaconArmyForEver Member Build Contest Winner

    My most memorable moment was when X and I was on when Joe dropped down in pvp, and we 2v1 him, with full protection 4 and maxed out swords/bows. As well, when we killed him, his head dropped, and I managed to snatch it and get the heck out of there xD.
  10. havent been on this in a while and all i can say is that im actually kinda touched you thought about me.
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  11. Evan

    Evan New Member

    So the server is now permanently closed? -edstachMC
  12. Evan

    Evan New Member

    One thing I did notice I was the first member on this forum of everyone in this posting, I even beet Kevin by 1 day :D

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