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Should /help be implemented?

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  1. johnmarl

    johnmarl Member

    Many players are joining Emerald Prison, daily. Many of them do not know any commands of Emerald Prison. Without knowing the commands, it is hard to travel or even play at all. /help should be implemented to help these new players have a great experience on Emerald Prison.
    Please also take your time to do the poll, I would love to hear your opinions.
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  2. ddwills69

    ddwills69 Liked Member

    Could even be a custom /help
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  3. johnmarl

    johnmarl Member

    Yeah, I agree with you 100% @ddwills69. If it were to be custom, it may be more organized and easier to understand than the pre-made /help.
  4. iallergic

    iallergic Liked Member

    I agree that we should have this, but doing /warp is pretty self explanatory, and a player is more like to type /warp before /help anyway.
  5. johnmarl

    johnmarl Member

    I mean aside from /warp, there are many helpful commands that you could find in /help.
  6. ddwills69

    ddwills69 Liked Member

    &8[&a&lEP&8] &2Emerald Prison Help:
    &d&lDefault Rank:
    &8- &6/rankup&7: Ranks you up to the next rank.
    &8- &6/ranks&7: Shows a list of all the ranks.
    &8- &6/prestige&7: Ranks you up to the next prestige.
    &8- &6/prestiges&7: Shows a list of all the prestiges.
    &8- &6/balance&7: Shows you your balance.
    &8- &6/balancetop&7: Shows you a list of the people with the highest balance.
    &8- &6/te&7: Shows you your amount of tokens
    &8- &6/te baltop&7: Shows you a list of the people with the most amount of tokens.
    &8- &6/multi&7: Shows you the your current mutliplyers.
    &8- &6/seen&7: Shows you when a player was last on or how long they have been on for.
    &8- &6/plot help&7: Shows all the commands relating to your plot.
    &8- &6/auction help&7: Shows info on how to use the auction commands.
    &8- &6/warp&7: Shows a list of all the warps.
    &8- &6/kit&7: Shows a list of all the kits.
    &8- &6/kitpreview&7: Show the content of any kit.
    &8- &6/nightvision&7: Toggles the nightvision effect.
    &8- &6/profile&7: Shows all the items in a players inventory.
    &8- &6/echest&7: Opens your ender chest.
    &8- &6/sell&7: Sells all the items in your inventory to your current mine.
    &8- &6/sellall <rank>mine&7: Sells all the items in your inventory.
    &8- &6/iteminfo&7: Gives info about the item for using chest shops.
    &8- &6/pv&7: Opens a personal vault.
    &8- &6/autosell&7: Autosell all the items you mine.
    &8- &6/afk&7: Toggles your AFK(Away from keyboard) status.
    &8- &6/nick&7: Changes your nickname.
    &8- &6/workbench&7: Opens a workbench inventory.
    &8- &6/feed&7: Fills your saturation bar up.
    &8- &6/ptime&7: Changes your personal time.
    &8- &6/fly&7: Toggles fly on and off.
    &8- &6/rename&7: Renames the item in your hand.
    &8- &6/hat&7: Puts the item in your hand on your head.
    &8- &6/fix&7: Fixes the item in your hand.
    &8- &6/heal&7: Puts you back to your full health and saturation.
    &8- &6/pc&7: Broadcasts a message in the form of a personal chat.

    &8- &6/lock&7: Locks the item in your hand

    I will be editing this if I can remember anymore commands or if you reply with some I forgot.
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  7. johnmarl

    johnmarl Member

    You forgot a good one! /sellall
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