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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Medusa_072, Apr 7, 2019.

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  1. Medusa_072

    Medusa_072 New Member

    1.) IGN:Mqks

    Reason Of (False) Ban: my brother chargebacked and as it was his account i couldn't go against that so i just thought screw that ill be playing on a friends account because i kinda liked the server and now im ip banned and i thought maybe that could be fixed as i did not wanted to chargeback

    Post/Video/Link That Got You Banned URL (Only if Known):

    Length of Ban:forever

    Date of Ban:i dont know

    Staff Member Who Banned You (Only if Known):probebly console

    7.) Why You Should Be Unbanned (Be Detailed):because i did not want to chargeback but as it was my brother his account i coulnd't go against him so can i please be unbanned i dont have any of the stuff either from the stuff he bought and i have a rank on this account 2

    8.) What Do YOU Think Caused This False Ban? (Required):chargeback
  2. Joedon

    Joedon Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Owner

    Due to the nature and result of the Paypal disputes filed, we have decided that we won't be able to lift your IP ban.

    Filing a chargeback is strictly prohibited by our Terms of Service and warrants a ban in every case (no matter who was responsible).

    If you can provide more information and proof on how this will not happen again, we may be able to lift your ban after giving you a full reset in-game.
  3. Medusa_072

    Medusa_072 New Member

    i do not understand what u mean with provide more information but i can walk you trough the whole situation again if u want?
    well so my brother said he whould buy a rank for me so i was very happy and said yes ofcourse then a few weeks later he said hey i chargebacked because im quitting i was kinda mad at him because i knew that i whould get banned but he said that he spent the money so he could take it back and that i had nothing to do with that and my friend quit aswell but he had an account with caveman so i thought maybe i can play on that but when i tried to log in to the server i was ip banned wich i did not thought what was gonna happen so i gone to my brother and said that i was very angry and he just did not care really so thats when i made the appeal to get un ip banned so i could play the server again because i liked it very much so i really hope that you can un ip ban me so i can play again and then give me a full reset (exept for the rank ofcourse) so i can play with my other friend shadowmaster009 i hope to hear from you as quick as possible and i hope that you can un ip ban me
  4. Joedon

    Joedon Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Owner

    Thank you for the response.

    We have decided to lift your IP ban, while keeping your Medusa_072 and Srjimp_072 accounts banned (accounts that initiated chargebacks), and also banning you off of our online store. Feel free to join on any other account for now, however.

    Thank you.
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