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    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick update! We have decided to rework our King of the Hill Crate to go along with the new automated starting system!

    The rewards are listed below, and can be previewed in-game as well by left-clicking the crate! We have buffed some existing rewards, and also added some new, exclusive items!

    Here is a full list of information on the new KoTH Crate at the time of release:
    All Possible Rewards:


    - Kit Savage

    - Kit Emerald

    - Kit EmeraldV2PvP


    - 50 Tokens

    - 100 Tokens

    - 250 Tokens

    - 500 Tokens

    - 1000 Tokens

    -2500 Tokens


    - KoTH Sword [crate exclusive]

    - KoTH Bow [crate exclusive]


    - $10 Billion

    - $50 Billion

    - $150 Billion

    - $250 Billion

    - $500 Billion

    More Keys:

    - 4x Diamond Key

    - 2x Emerald Key

    Reward Information:


    KoTH Sword:

    Iron Sword with:


    KoTH Bow:

    Bow with:

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