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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ImaWeezul, Feb 18, 2019.

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  1. ImaWeezul

    ImaWeezul New Member

    Description of the Bug(s): I had 8.77 trillion (enough to prestige to 1 and get through A-Z again). I prestiged to 1 for 2 trillion and then when i was A rank again...I had Zero money. 6.77 trillion gone. MasterJolt was on a little while ago and he saw my balance.....i was 7th or 8th highest balance and almost to 8.55 trill when he logged off.

    2.) How Often Does This Occur/When & How Did It Start (If Applicable): First time. (EDIT) I just talked with some other players and they said that the money resets to zero. I saw many people prestige and immediately go from A-Z so I didnt know the money gets reset to zero. Please help Joe.

    3.) Your IGN: ImaWeezul
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  2. Hobo

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    I'm sorry, but this is not a bug. When you do /prestige, the menu that shows up before hand warns you that your balance will be reset (refer to image below). The reason you usually see players rank up so quickly after prestiging is because they either pay the extra amount to a player they trust, or to an alternate account. The reasoning behind this, is so that players can rankup past Q, which unlocks plotshops, and to also enable them to sell crops for a higher price. Again, we're sorry that this happened to you, but it is not a bug, thus you will not be getting any of the money you lost back.

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