Denied medusa_072 mqks and Srjimp_072 appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Medusa_072, Feb 28, 2019.

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  1. Medusa_072

    Medusa_072 New Member

    1.) IGN:Medusa_072 Srjimp_072 Mqks

    Reason Of (False) Ban: we where having a little bit of fun and we made a santa with a penis we asked masterjolt if he wanted to look because we where having a laugh

    Post/Video/Link That Got You Banned URL (Only if Known): not known

    Length of Ban: 1 day

    Date of Ban: 28/2/2019

    Staff Member Who Banned You (Only if Known): masterjolt

    7.) Why You Should Be Unbanned (Be Detailed): because we didnt mean any harm with it we where just having fun and we didnt know it was illegal

    8.) What Do YOU Think Caused This False Ban? (Required): i think that he knew that we knew this wasn't allowed but we didn't
  2. Hobo

    Hobo Builder Staff Member Builder Admin Helper

    Sorry, but we will not appeal this ban. This is the second time that you have broken the rules, thus we must keep this ban. It is clearly stated in the rules that you can't have inappropriate or offensive builds.
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