Denied Mute Appeal For Diep55

Discussion in 'Mute Appeals' started by Diep55, Jan 18, 2019.

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  1. Diep55

    Diep55 New Member

    1.) IGN:Diep55

    Reason Of (False) Mute:Advertising

    Post/Video/Link That Got You Muted URL (Only if Known):

    Length of Mute (Only If Known):Fortnight

    Date of Mute:12/1/19(DD/MM/YY)

    Staff Member Who Muted You (Only if Known):Myze

    7.) Why You Should Be Unmuted (Be Detailed):
    Please give me one chance,one day that i'l be unmuted and idc if you monitor what i'm saying, I promise to be better, please please please please
    unmute me.
    And i'll take a no as an answer but please reply

    8.) What Do YOU Think Caused This False Mute? (Required):Advertising
  2. Myze

    Myze Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Denied. You can try again in a week.
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