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    Most players leave the server within their first five minutes of play; maybe this is because they don’t know where to start or how to earn money. To these new players, the first impression is everything. Of course, no server could ever stop all players from leaving within the first five minutes but they can reduce the number.

    So here are two things I have thought of to stop as many players from leaving within the first five minutes:

    - Add an introduction:
    What I mean by this is make lots of signs leading down to the first mine, players love this because it creates suspense and they want to know what happens next instead of feeding them all the information at once. Furthermore, it subliminally shows the player the way to the first mine because they will always follow the signs. Here is an example starting from spawn leading to the A-Mine (‘-‘ indicates a new sign):
    - Welcome to Emerald Prison
    - Here you are alone!
    - It is your job,
    - to watch your back!
    - And mine your way
    - To FREEDOM
    Here we used 6 signs and we will keep the players suspended looking for the next clue, remember to make sure you point them in the right direction to, first of all, see the sign.

    - Add a tutorial
    Adding a tutorial can be quite challenging. What I was thinking of was the player getting shown by what to do and commands they can use. It is very similar to Mineplex’s old tutorial. If you are not sure how about Mineplex’s old tutorial, here you are:
    -Click the NPC (SPAWN)
    -Get teleported to an instance (WARP CRATES)
    - Get given a fake key and you have to click the crate.
    - Next instance (VOTES) [Add a skip button if using votes because some players make not like the feeling of voting because they have to leave the server in order to do it].
    - Next instance (Auctions)
    - Make them type out the bidding command and auction command.
    The list goes on; for instance plots, plot shops, ranks, gamble, buy, discord, forums, warps, custom enchants, spawners etc.

    The reasons why players will want to do this tutorial is because they are getting rewarded, for instance, they could be given two diamond keys for doing this. For new players, this will give them a slice of pie that they want(money) which will help them rank up.

    Additional Player Retention:
    Watch an awesome video about the game theory of Fortnite. It is a different game but is still super valid and will help the server out a lot! ().

    Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or typo’s, running without sleep and no food in my belly.
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    I agree with you 100%. Many players leave the server before they even get to leaving spawn.
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    Did you do a GCSE in psychology? You seem to know a lot about this stuff :')
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    I don't think he does, he just likes this kind of stuff.
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    You do please do not lie on the public forums witch is emerald prison

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