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    Why change prestige?
    Prestige is a big thing for most prison servers.
    Prestige is to keep you 'busy' with ranking up and usually it gets harder and harder the higher
    your prestige gets. and ofcourse you get rewards for that. Right now i feel like prestige isn't
    very fun or usefull and that leaves a lot of players with 'nothing' to do after ranking up to z.
    (some tryhards make it to prestige 1-3 but that usually takes a lot of times (1 not so much).
    Prestige is really hard once u get to prestige 3+ because it just takes a lot of money & time,
    and (i know thats just right now) you don't really get a reward for it.

    Prestige mines
    I know this isn't very original and you (and the staffteam) might have even been working on this
    But i put this in here because this is about prestige and it belongs here :p.
    Depending on how many prestiges there will be (I will talk about this later) you could add a new prestige mine every 3/5 prestiges, not every prestige needs it own mine. I realise that making mines can take a long
    time, but i don't think many people would mind if you would make a 'placeholder' for them and just add
    a better looking build around the mine later ( for example most of the current mines, no offense to who build them but they are not very time consuming to make (for example H mine).

    I also realise that a lot of people make most of their money from farms currently ( and possibly spawners in the future?). But i feel like prestige mines would add a lot to the server and prestiges and in my opinion that
    would be enough of a 'reward' for prestige.

    And now, What would (or could) a prestige mine contain (Just an idea ofcourse).
    • Maybe a rare block for prestige mines only?
    • Prestige mines could contain emeralds like Z mine but just sell them for higher prices
    • Prestige mines could also contain something completely different like nether bricks (random block) that could sell for more money than emerald blocks in Z (might have to change shop prices for them im not sure)
    • Prestige mines could also contain a block that you need another tool for (wood or snow, for example)
    • Possibly add crops to prestige mines?
    These are just some ideas on what prestige mines could look like.

    More Prestiges
    Right now we have 8 prestiges, which is very hard to reach.
    As it probably should be, its the last prestige. But i feel like it would be more fun if it would be easier to prestige. that way players feel like they make more progress, unlike now, people are just kinda 'stuck' at 1 prestige for a while. From my experience the player counter has slowly gotten lower (Might be my time zone, im from eu. but i doubt it matters that much) I think part of that is because players are getting bored.
    And if it would be easier to prestige, people would get to prestige 8 faster, and get bored again. thats why
    i would like to see more prestiges.

    More prestiges could be anywhere from 30 to 250 (Not saying 250 is a good idea xD).
    Im personally thinking about like 30-50 prestiges (Obviously this is just me and is most likely not the best option, and this could easily change to another number for this to work). The way im thinking is the make the prestige increase equally. for example 0.25x or 0.5x the cost per prestige (this kind of depends on the amount of prestiges) So it would kind of look like this (using 0.5x as example)

    Presitge 0: Regular (current or different) price
    Prestige 1: 1.5x the cost of prestige 0
    Prestige 2: 2x the cost of prestige 0
    Prestige 3: 2.5x the cost of prestige 0
    Prestige 4: 3x the cost of prestige 0
    And so on

    Lets assume you have 30 prestiges, the cost would be 16x the cost of prestige 0 (if my math checks out xD)
    And let's say you would make a new prestige mines every 5 mines you would have 6 prestige mines.
    You could make prestige mines increase the amount of money with any percentage really.
    I think a realistic percentage would be somewhere around an increase of 10-35% per mine (i dont really know how this would affect the economy so this is just a 'guess') If crops would be added to prestige mines aswell you can just have completely different percentages for those ofcourse. It would be kind of a puzzle to get the right increases for the eco and it will ofcourse change the eco a bit, because money would be easier to make for prestiged players.

    Warps for prestiges?
    With warps for prestiges i mean other than the prestige mines ofcourse.
    This could be anything really, and it could be for like prestige 15+ only or for all prestiges.

    Here are some ideas but you could really do anything with you can think of with this.

    A Prestige spawner warp?
    A warp that has a grinder with a spawner or spawners that prestige players that have acces to this warp can
    use. im not sure if this is even possible with the plugin but i think this is an interesting idea.

    A small Prestige pvp warp?
    Im not really sure what i have in mind with this but maybe a very small warp
    like old pvp mine (not actually a mine but just the size) where u can just pvp like you can in koth
    A mini version of koth basicly... without actual koth ofcourse :p.

    Prestige plotworld...?
    I have seen servers with multiple plot worlds like this and i don't really expect this to work lol
    But just wanted to throw out the idea :p

    And obviously there are a lot more possibilities for this.

    How about current prestiges?
    Current prestiges would completely change ofcourse and im not sure what you would do
    with prestiged players if prestige would change. you could somehow convert the prestiges into the
    new prestige system if you were to change it. but you could also leave it as it is and let them just prestige
    with the new prices from the point they are at now. or refund the amount of money is a possibility but..
    probably not :p. or just reset prestige entirely? its hard to stay what to do with this and thats an issue ofcourse. But there are lots of options :D.

    And just some 'sidenotes' :p
    I didn't mean to make this such a big thread... i got a bit carried away.
    These are just some ideas i had about prestige and most of them are probably unrealistic but i wanted to
    throw them out here anyway. If anyone has questions about this feel free to ask them :D. Would also love to hear the opinions of everyone about this :). I might edit this thread if i get some more ideas but for now this is it. Hope you dont mind my grammar mistakes (sorry xD) and sorry for making it so big :p

    Do with it whatever you guys want haha
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    This is really cool, and I agree, there should be a discussion, similar in style to the one about spawners, about this topic.

    Personally, I don't really have any want to grind out the money to prestige, but perks with prestiges (maybe a very limited /sethome and /home) could be very cool
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    Oh, I just thought of this, but it would take a complete rehaul of the current system.
    What im proposing is that our current prestiges are converted to something akin to a "completion"
    Each completion will function as a complete reset point, while the new prestiges will allow for more progession in the game. These new prestiges would only reset your mine, and wouldn't increase the rankup multi.

    The game would look something like this

    Completion 1: normal
    Prestiges 1-30 (each with a-z)

    Completion 2: 2x rankup cost
    Prestiges 1-3o (each a-z)

    etc, using our current rankup costs per prestige.

    sidenote: I have no idea how this would convert with the current way prestiges and rankups are set.
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    Bumping this
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