Info Spawner Release EVENT January 19th @ 6:00 PM EST

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    If you haven't already, make sure to read our other thread on the new Spawner Update coming out this Saturday! The link can be found here:

    Hey all!

    To kickstart the release of our new Spawner system, we are hosting an event this Saturday @ 6:00 PM EST//3:00 PM PST to give away the very first Spawners to some of you all! This Event will be entirely hosted on my (the Owner's) YouTube channel through live stream, at This live stream will begin 15 minutes before the Event. The Event will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour long depending on how some of the competitions turn out. During the Event, players will have the opportunities to win Cow or Iron Golem Spawners, along with some Spawner Credits and other rewards.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We saw your guys' feedback through our in-game polling system, and Parkour by far was the highest-rated Event, followed up by Sumo. We will be combining these two game types in order to give out the majority of Spawners during the Event. It will work like this:

    • Everyone gets a chance at a parkour course, and the first two players to complete the course are awarded a Spawner/Spawner Vouchers and are advanced to the Sumo Round. This process will repeat 3 more times, until there are 8 players ready for the Sumo Tournament.
    • The Sumo Tournament takes the top 8 players from Parkour, and puts them head-to-head tournament style in a series of Sumo Matchups. Sumo is a PvP game mode that involves players punching each other with their fists until one is knocked off the edge and is eliminated. Each 1v1 will be a best of three, meaning the first player to win 2 matches will advance to the next round of the Tournament.


    During the livestream, we may also be giving out extra rewards to active members in chat, or through other Events in-game such as King of the Hill, so make sure to be paying attention during the whole Event!

    We hope to see you guys on this Saturday @ 6:00 PM EST, and hope you all enjoy the new Spawners and the Event!
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    I won't be home :(

    Ill come on probably on monday
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    It'll be 1AM and I can't be awake at 1AM :C:(:(:(:(
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    I'm asleep at that point, lol.
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    usually same but ill stay awake for this xD
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    Change, ill actually be home, so ill get on as soon as I can get out of dinner

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