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    Hey everyone!

    There has been a lot of discussion on Spawners recently on the forums and in-game, and today we are excited to announce to you all that they will be becoming a reality! Spawners bring a whole new element to the server's economy and PvP, and allow for new ways of earning passive income from something other than crops on your plots. Along with the spawner release, we will be hosting a Spawner Release Event this Saturday, January 19th @ 6:00 PM EST//3:00 PM PST (the release day of these Spawners), in which a few players will get an early headstart with the new features! This event is detailed in another post, which is linked at the bottom of this thread. Make sure to read up on what the Spawners are and how they work before getting to that!


    What Are Spawners?
    • Spawners appear just as you'd expect - as the normal mob spawners in Minecraft. But these Spawners have special properties, each one having five different Tiers, and granting different rewards.
    • To upgrade your Spawner's Tier, you have to parkour through a PvP-enabled zone located at /warp koth, and get to the Spawner Altar. Upon clicking the Altar with the Spawner you'd like to upgrade in hand, you will be able to upgrade your Spawner for a specified cost of money and or Spawner Credits. Please note: you will not be able to bring in your Spawners from portable chests such as /enderchest and /playervault. You will have to have it in your inventory as you enter the PvP-zone.
    • Each Spawner spawns mobs at a specified rate, and upon each mob kill, you have a chance at receiving any one of that Spawner's Type along with its Tier of rewards. There are common, rare, and or one-time drops for each Tier of each Spawner Type.​
    • To view info on any Spawner, right-click it. To upgrade it, left-click it, or type /upgradespawner (please note: at this time no rank will receive access to use /upgradespawner, for now, everyone will have to get through the PvP zone dedicated to the Spawner Altar).​
    • To break a Spawner, you will need a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch. The price of Silk Touch has been reduced in-game to accommodate for this requirement. Placing a Spawner requires no special permissions.​

    How Can I Get a Spawner and Spawner Vouchers/Credits?
    • Spawners and Spawner Vouchers will be available in-game in Crates, and on our Store at release. Depending on how the economy reacts to the implementation, we may add them to /shop to purchase at a set rate.​
    • Spawner Vouchers will also be available in Block Rewards and VoteParties. Spawner Vouchers are physical pieces of paper that, when right-clicked, are claimed into Spawner Credits to the player who clicked it.​

    Extra Notes:
    • Each Spawner has an Owner, and all Mobs spawned from that Spawner are only killable by its own Owner.
    • An Owner can only break their own Spawners - no one else's.
    • This Saturday when we release these Spawners during our livestream, the COW (common) and IRON GOLEM (mythic) Types will be available in-game and from the Event. We will slowly be releasing more Types but would like a feel for how people will use them before we do.

    Future Implementations:
    • Currently, mobs killed automatically by a mob crusher, lava, etc., will not grant the reward to the Owner of that Mob. We have plans to implement /automob which will be a permission similar to /autosell, which will allow the Owner to toggle whether or not their Mobs can be automatically killed or not.​
    • View info on the different Tiers and their rewards from anywhere (currently, you have to be at the Spawner Altar).​
    • A permission that allows for a player to break Spawners without the Silk Touch enchantment.​


    If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread and I or another staff member will answer it. I will be heavily moderating the thread to make sure there is little confusion on the update, and that everyone has a good time this Saturday @ 6:00 PM EST during our Spawner Release Event. For more information on where to find the livestream and how the Event will work, visit: http://www.emeraldprison.net/forums/threads/spawner-release-event-january-19th-6-00-pm-est.1039/

    And a special little thank you to ddwills, who helped create a massive discussion around Spawners and how they'll work.

    See you all this Saturday!
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    RIP it is while I am at work lmao.
  3. MrraywTiger

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    Will u add lava to the shop?
  4. Joedon

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    No plans right now as auto farms won't work on release anyways.
  5. MrraywTiger

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    I think the price of silk touch went from 7.5k tokens to 10k tokens? instead of going down? and the sign under it has 15k on it?
  6. Joedon

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    It's at 10,000 down from 15,000.
  7. MrraywTiger

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    oh ye i got confused by the different prices

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