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Discussion in 'Server Talk' started by Peza, Dec 9, 2018.

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  1. Peza

    Peza New Member

    This player, crazyyMoDzMaN, is an annoying and toxic player. I recommend sticking away from them. Why, you may ask?
    1) He messaged me an offer for my reset token, I denied him saying I'm not selling. He proceeds to send me multiple more messages, raising the offer each time. I finally get mad and tell him off, he gets super mad, starts calling me a dumb ass, etc.
    2) Has the grammar and maturity of a five year old.
    Of course, don't pick on this player, I just suggest not being around them, and blocking them.
  2. BaconArmyForEver

    BaconArmyForEver Member Build Contest Winner

    Maybe it's not appropriate to publicly harass another player. I recommend typing /ignore crazyyMoDzMaN
    In general, that what you should if you find a person to be annoying/toxic
  3. Myze

    Myze Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I'm going to lock this thread but next time please /ignore the player and report them in Miscellaneous Reports please. (You can still report the player.)
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