What Feature Would You All Like Next?

Discussion in 'Server Talk' started by Joedon, Dec 19, 2018.


What Type of Gamemode Should Be Released Next?

Poll closed Dec 26, 2018.
  1. Something Competitive

  2. Something Passive

  3. Other (reply to this thread)

  1. Joedon

    Joedon Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Owner

    Hey, quick poll here:

    Would you guys rather have a new competitive gamemode (e.g. PvP tournaments, sumo gamemode, etc.), or a new way to earn money on the server (e.g. mob spawners, boss battles, etc.) added next?

    Vote on the poll!
  2. ddwills69

    ddwills69 Liked Member

    MrrauwTiger: Spawners
  3. johnmarl

    johnmarl Member

    Boss Battles and PvP Tournaments
  4. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

  5. iallergic

    iallergic Liked Member

  6. CakeMonster2000

    CakeMonster2000 New Member

    pvp tournies.
  7. MrraywTiger

    MrraywTiger Liked Member Build Contest Winner

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  8. Ida

    Ida Member

    Spawners would be dope!! :cool:
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  9. CakeMonster2000

    CakeMonster2000 New Member

    I have an idea, how about you make a time limit on plots that don't get used, because i sortof want to expand my plot but all of the ones around it have been claimed (and are completely unbuilt on) by people who logged in once or haven't been on in 52 decades.
  10. MrraywTiger

    MrraywTiger Liked Member Build Contest Winner

    prefer spawners
  11. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

    Because I don't want to go offtopic for this post, please make a new post I would love to give my opinion and also see other opinions.
  12. Destroke100

    Destroke100 New Member

    Spawners or Boss fights
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  13. mcd_michael

    mcd_michael Liked Member

    I don't like the boss fights idea it is used too often in servers Emerald should be uneak not like every other server.
  14. Destroke100

    Destroke100 New Member

    I would just like to see something not Competetive... Something where you can chill and slowly progress :)

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